Velocity Street Race Final!

After months of leg burning head to head qualifier events around the North East - the finalists will meet inside the Tyne Tunnel!

This highly charged, energized night will have you entertained, and will blast all of your senses!

Capital will join as fast paced cyclists race 400 meter sprints through the Tyne Tunnel, with the echo of a high powered car exhausts lead the pack.

You'll be there watching the drag style sprints, elimination races and see both Male and Female winners be crowned the First Velocity Champions with £1000 each! 

Spectators will be arrive from 8pm to watch the high energy racing beginning at 9pm. There will be plenty of local food & beverage, and cycle related products to keep you satisfied throughout the evening. 


Don't miss out on the first Velocity Street Race, get your tickets for the 13th September by clicking the logo below!