Zayn Fans Convince Spotify To Remove Hateful Islamophobic Song About The Singer

20 July 2020, 14:58

Zayn fans succeed in getting Spotify to take racist song about him taken down
Zayn fans succeed in getting Spotify to take racist song about him taken down. Picture: PA Images

Zayn's incredible fans have successfully managed to get Spotify to take a disgusting and racist song about the singer off their streaming platform.

Zayn Malik fans have successfully campaigned streaming site Spotify to take an islamophobic and hateful song about the 'Like I Would' singer from its platform, showing their collective power as a fandom.

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The track, titled, 'Zayn Did 9/11' was released in 2017 by an artist known as Uma Kompton and when a fan realised the song was available on the streaming service, quickly rallied support online with a hashtag, #RemoveItForZayn.

Fans voiced their disgust someone would even create such a song whilst others asked people to not tag the singer so as not to alert him to something that could cause him upset.

One fan wrote: "I am disgusted, i am angry, and I am sad. It's gross that people get away with this type of thing. Please, please report this song on Spotify and YouTube. Zayn deserves so much better."

From tweeting the streaming service to directly emailing the company with a prepared statement about the harmful nature of the song, fans inundated them with requests to take the harmful song down.

In less than 24 hours, they were successful in their mission.

One fan page reported the good news, writing: "The song was successfully removed from Spotify after the mass report."

"Thanks to everyone who took this into serious consideration."


It is just one more example of the power and dedication of fandoms, and we're so relieved the song has been removed.

Zayn is expecting his first child with girlfriend Gigi Hadid this September.

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