Zayn Malik Fans Watching Him Sleep Had The Exact Reactions You'd Think

8 February 2021, 17:39

Zayn Malik let thousands of fans watch him sleep live
Zayn Malik let thousands of fans watch him sleep live. Picture: Getty / Twitter
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Zayn Malik invited fans to watch him sleep this weekend, and yes the results were as creepy and as entertaining as it sounds.

Zayn Malik live-streamed himself sleeping on Saturday for an experiment with Coors Light where they attempted to plant a commercial inside his dream.

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While we don’t know how successful the event was, we do know exactly how Zayn’s fans spent their Saturday nights – with the livestream on their phones and their phones beside them on the pillow, obviously.

Leaving girlfriend Gigi Hadid to the overnight wake up cries from baby Khai, Zayn got comfy in the sheets completely unfazed he was being watched by thousands.

Zayn Malik snoozed while thousands watched
Zayn Malik snoozed while thousands watched. Picture: Twitter

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The ‘Vibez’ hitmaker, like a lot of lads, slept topless – with all his tattoos on display – and the confirmation of this fact only fuelled the conversation on Twitter.

But this was only a small part of the hilarious conversation going on while Zayn slept peacefully, blissfully unaware of the Twitter threads being built around his slumber.

In one of the most ironic statements of the evening, one fan tweeted: “Not me about to lose sleep so I can watch Zayn sleep.”

And if you came here for the more groundbreaking news, this was it: “#Update | Zayn sleeps on his back,” – a truly life-changing fact we are eternally grateful for.

“I just work up but I’m going back to sleep so that I can tell people I slept with Zayn Malik,” commented another fan who we’re sure wasn’t the only one to use that line this weekend.

Although most fans declared they felt creepy watching their idol catch some zzzs, that didn’t stop them watching every minute.

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