12 Times Celebs NAILED How Much Christmas Shopping SUCKS!

16 December 2015, 06:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Little Mix Christmas Instagram

Who actually likes Christmas shopping? We're all up for RECEIVING the presents, but buying them?! It turns out, stars think NO differently to us, as they've shown us here!

Christmas is a time for giving, sure. But why can't we just, like, automatically have the presents?! No-one actually enjoys Christmas shopping, do they? NO-ONE! Not even celebrities...

When you're scrolling through Facebook and see everyone saying "I've done ALL of my Christmas shopping!!!"

And then a mate texts you asking if you've got all of your presents sorted

You face it - and hype yourself up for the Christmas shopping CHAOS!

But after two minutes of leaving the house, you're like...

You have to buy for a co-worker you BARELY know 'cos you did the work Secret Santa

But buying stuff for yourself is easy as...

"I mean, I don't need this, but I look SO good in it!"

You've not bought ANYONE a present, but... At least your Xmas Party outfit is on point.

It's a shame there's COMPLETE IDIOTS in the shop too!

You take a step back and wonder will this ever end?!

But you hear that little voice in your head...

YOU DID IT! You completed Christmas shopping. GO YOU!

But then it hits you - you've gotta do it all again next year.


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