Will There Be A Circuit Breaker Lockdown In England As Wales Confirms Theirs?

19 October 2020, 12:55

Will England announce a two week 'circuit breaker' lockdown?
Will England announce a two week 'circuit breaker' lockdown? Picture: Getty Images

As Wales joins Northern Ireland by announcing a two-week 'fire breaker' lockdown, will England also announce this two week Coronavirus circuit breaker?

Everyone is wondering if England is set to announce a two-week circuit breaker lockdown to halt the spread of COVID-19 as Wales joins Northern Ireland in confirming they will tell everyone apart from key workers to stay at home for a fortnight.

Will There Be A National Lockdown At October Half Term?

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Wales is going into a national 'firebreak' lockdown which starts on Friday, 23 October until Monday, 9 November.

Everyone apart from key workers will be told to stay at home and everything apart from non essential shops will be closed, this includes pubs and restaurants.

They joining Northern Ireland, who was first to announce they were heading into a circuit breaker lockdown, however, they are allowing gyms and shops to remain open.

Naturally, everyone's sights are turning to England, wondering if we will follow in the 'short, sharp, shock to turn back the clock, slow down the virus and buy us more time' as we head into winter- where it's been warned the virus will thrive.

Some think the government are waiting until the last minute to announce the circuit breaker, which would likely coincide with October half term, to the country.

Others think the country will not be placed back into lockdown due to the risk to businesses.

As it stands, Boris Johnson is not set to make an announcement, either in the House of Commons, or to an address to the nation, so it looks like the Prime Minister will not confirm one today.

But, this is a fast-changing situation and an announcement could come later in the week, so watch this space!

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