8 Hilariously Painful Times Boyfriends Accidentally Messaged Their Group Chat Instead Of Their GF

4 May 2017, 16:02 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

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Can you imagine?

Is there anything worse than sending the wrong text or WhatsApp message to the wrong person?

Particularly when you send a text intended for your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family… or worse, your friendship WhatsApp group.

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Whilst it is possibly the worst thing to ever happen to the sender, it does provide quite a lot of humour for the lucky recipient. 

SO, to give you some light relief, we’ve rounded up the best messaging fails.

1. When You Text Your Family Instead Of Your Girlfriend.

2. When You Realise That Calling Your Boyfriends Family 'Baby' Probably Won't Get You Accepted.

3. When All Your Friends Can Do Is Laugh.

Wrong text messages

4. When You Realise That You Still Have To Work With This Person.

5. When You Realise Your Boy Is Extra.

Wrong text messages

6. When Your Sports Team Don't Accept Your New Found Love.

7. When You Text Completely The Wrong Person And Invite A Randomer To Easter Lunch.

8. When You Mess Up The First Date... Without Even Being On A Date.

Wrong text messages

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