The 10 Struggles You’ll Only Know If You’re The WhatsApp Group Admin

27 April 2017, 17:30 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10


Shoutout to those admins out there - we get it, it's stressful.

WhatsApp is probably the greatest invention on planet Earth, no? 

The ability to chat with all your friends in one go AND know if they’re being annoying AF and ignoring you.

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But with those groups comes one person having the responsibility of a lifetime and having to head up the group as the ‘Admin’. 

And with that power, comes issues: 

1. Everyone Wants To Be Admin. 

Having to fight so that you remain top of the pile and no one takes your place as group admin. 

2. The Domino Effect.

Over time, more and more groups get created and sometimes the power just gets too much. 

3. The Unwanted Notifications. 

Yes, we know, you can mute the conversation but who wants to go onto WhatsApp to 204930943954 unread messages because everyone in that group wants to have a say.  

And what’s even worse is that you can’t possibly leave the group because then you lose admin privileges. 

4. When You Inevitably Have To Kick Someone Out Of The Group.  

It’s the sad fact of life that sometimes friendships end and that’s okay. But, it does get a little bit awkward when you have to make a decision as to when you kick someone out. 

THEY KNOW TOO MUCH, okay? But when is too soon, too soon? Is there a right time? Or is it better to just get it over and done with? 

5. Thinking Of A Witty WhatsApp Group Name. 

There are so many people in one group, HOW THE HELL ARE WE ALL MEANT TO DECIDE ON A NAME? Thus, it falls to the admin to make the final call. 

6. When Someone Joins Your Friendship Group. 

Are they worthy of joining the sacred WhatsApp group? You have to make a decision as to whether they should be allowed into your precious kingdom. 

7. The Role Is Not Accepted On Your CV.

And quite frankly, it should be. Don’t employers know just how hard it is to juggle six WhatsApp groups and keep all your minions happy?! 

8. Finding An Appropriate Group Photo. 

Seriously though - who the hell has photos with every single one of your friendship group in it? 

9. Keeping Up Good Chat. 

For a WhatsApp group to be successful and survive, you’ve got to check in and make sure everyone is happy. It’s like a full time job. 

10. When You Don’t Even Want To Be Admin. 

i.e. When the admin leaves and then suddenly you’re admin. 

Like… I legit didn’t ask for the most stressful job of my life. 

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