The Crunch - How To Perfect The Pop Star Photobomb

6 July 2014, 20:42 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

It's becoming an art in itself, and now Capital reveals the perfect photobombing method for you!

From Cheryl Cole to Olly Murs... they're all been there and become victims of an unfortunate photobombing incident!

Now Capital gives you an insider's guide into how to take the perfect photobomb, whether it's with your friends or if you happen to come across one of your favourite stars out and about.

From the #StealthPhotobomb (courtesy of one Harry Styles) to the more obvious #OpportunistPhotobomb... thanks to Bill Clinton stealing Kelly Clarkson's thunder, they're ALL in there.

Enjoy Capital's photobomb guide in the video above... and check out these 35 MUST-SEE photobombs right here.