The Crunch: Taylor Swift's Kick In The Face And Check Out What's Under Pharrell's Hat!

This week's round-up of the biggest trends and topics in the world of hit music.

It's all about Pharrell's Grammys hat this week as we take a look at what was actually under the most talked about fashion accesroy of the year.

Poor Taylor Swift was also on the receiving end of some more online viral activity this week. Last year she was subjected to the 'Goating' phase, and now Street Fighter character Ryu kicking her in the face. #Harsh

There's also talk about Justin Bieber being deported back to Canada but he gets some words of encouragement from Ellie Goudling.

Oh, wait! How could we forget the special Vin Diesel dance to Katy Perry. You HAVE to check that one out.