Capital's Vick Hope Went On A Tour Of The Hammersmith Apollo, Only For Her To Get Haunted By Ghosts

27 October 2017, 19:52 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Poor Vick.

Capital Breakfast's Vick Hope took our Facebook Live viewers on a tour of our London Monster Mash-Up venue, Hammersmith Apollo.

Whilst impressing them with facts about the venue and wowing viewers with her costumes, it wasn't exactly plain sailing. 

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During the tour, it seems that creepy people were following her around and hey, with Hammersmith Apollo potentially being haunted due to the Hammersmith Courtyard ghost, it's not exactly out of the realms of possibility. 

With one being spotted in the bar (LOL), another in the sound desk (thankfully, it wasn't during the show) and one up on the balcony (before any of our guests arrived - PHEW!), Vick Hope was none the wiser...

... until they gave her the fright of her life. 

As she chilled out in Martin Garrix's dressing room (casual...), the lights cut out, the camera-man lost it, and Vick was faced with three ghouls over her shoulder.


Oh, and this wasn't the only thing that terrified our presenters... 

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