WATCH: Breakdancer Solving A Rubik’s Cube Spinning On His Head Will BLOW Your Mind

20 March 2015, 15:32 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

How to solve a Rubik's cube differently | Justin Stomp


If you thought solving a Rubik’s Cube required skill, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

We’ll be honest with you, if we could solve a Rubik’s Cube we would be shouting it from the rooftops. But we can’t. THIS guy, however, will put EVERYONE who’s ever completed one to shame. 

Because completing it while being upright is just way too easy, duh. This breakdancer manages to complete the cube in record time… while spinning on his head. Yes, really.

This probably isn’t one to try at home unless you fancy a lot of bruises and a possible trip to A&E, it’s definitely safer to watch the pro in action instead! 

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