'You' Fans Predict A Twist Ending To Season 4 – And It's Pretty Convincing

17 February 2023, 15:32

Could this be the ending to You season 4?
Could this be the ending to You season 4? Picture: Netflix

By Savannah Roberts

Fans think they've predicted a twist ending to You's fourth season and the theory is taking off...

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You returned with a bang when its fourth season dropped in February, and those explosive five episodes have us all desperate for part two to drop on Netflix.

The latest series subverted expectations as it quickly became apparent that Joe Goldberg – now going by Professor Jonathan Moore – was not responsible for the string of murders.

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When Is You Season 4 Part 2 Coming Out On Netflix?

As fans wait for the second instalment of the episodes following that cliffhanger, theories are beginning to flood onto social media. Everyone thinks they've sussed out an upcoming twist that could turn season four on its head...

Spoilers are ahead!

The You season four theory unpacked...
The You season four theory unpacked... Picture: Netflix

So, as we all know, Joe made the move to London in the latest series and left the chaos of his life in Madre Linda behind him. He becomes a literature professor and quickly falls in with a group of the city's elite.

Almost immediately, Joe's life is plagued yet again by a spree of killings, with a mysterious 'Eat The Rich' murderer attacking Joe's new friends, all whilst stalking him and attempting to frame him.

In episode five it's revealed that the famous author and friend of the group, Rhys Montrose, is the perpetrator, which shocked Joe as well as the viewers!

It didn't take long for fans to theorise that Rhys could be a figment of Joe's imagination and that he himself could be carrying out the murders but disassociating from the gory moments.

Rhys Montrose is revealed to be the killer in episode 5
Rhys Montrose is revealed to be the killer in episode 5. Picture: Netflix

Viewers took to social media to share their thoughts, with many pointing out that, despite being a supposed member of the friendship group, Rhys is rarely seen interacting with anyone other than Joe.

The famous memoirist is starkly different from the rest of the London circle, seemingly having the most in common with Joe. In the series' first episode they strike up a friendship and bond over their difficult childhoods – further hinting that Rhys could be an extension of Joe.

Twitter users chimed in on the theories, one account posted: "This is crazy. Rhys is literally YOU (Joe). The show is called “You” for a reason. He can’t see him because he’s a reflection of himself. He’s a novelist, who went thru a traumatic childhood. They say you are blind to your reflection."

Joe and Rhys are very similar characters
Joe and Rhys are very similar characters. Picture: Netflix

Explainer videos have also taken off on TikTok, with one creator (@nerdyblonde12) going viral for her convincing argument. She says: "Like Professor Moore told us, in murder mysteries and 'Whodunnits' there's no such thing as a coincidence. Is it a coincidence that the night Joe got blackout drunk, he met Rhys for the first time?"

She went on to list all the similarities between the two tragic characters and the speculated twist is pretty convincing!

The video also suggests that Rhys could actually be a real person and is in fact running for the mayor of London like it's revealed in the latest episode, but Joe has projected a character onto him. Very interesting!

Part two can't come soon enough...

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