Netflix ‘You’ Fans Convinced Chilling Series Is Actually Sequel To 'Gossip Girl'

8 January 2019, 12:44 | Updated: 8 January 2019, 15:33

Penn Badgley appears in both hit shows
Penn Badgley appears in both hit shows 'You' and 'Gossip Girl'. Picture: netflix

'You' on Netflix has captured audiences but have you noticed the Gossip Girl connection? Twitter fans have been pointing out the huge similarities.

If you haven’t binge-watched all ten episodes of Netflix’s new creepy psychological thriller You, first of all... what have you been doing with your life? And second, look away now as this article contains spoilers. And Gossip Girl references.

The show, which has already began production on Series 2, follows Joe Goldberg, a bookshop manager who is also a psychopathic serial killer.

One day a woman called Beck walks into the store and he becomes completely obsessed with her and stalks her online so that he can become the perfect boyfriend.

You can watch the trailer below:

Any Gossip Girl fans will immediately recognise Joe as he’s played by Penn Badly - the same guy who played Dan Humphrey AKA ‘Lonely Boy’. Dan was finally revealed to be Gossip Girl in the final episode of the hit TV show which spanned five years.

And now viewers have suggested You is in fact the sequel to Gossip Girl.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “After failing to make it as a writer & his divorce Dan Humphrey suffers a breakdown.

"Post asylum he changes his name, ghosts all his friends, starts working at a bookstore. And then there is Candace."

Another added: “You on Netflix has dan from gossip girl acting like a stalker so nothings really changed.”

You know you love him, XOXO!