Where Are Season One's Too Hot To Handle Cast Now?

19 January 2022, 12:42

Netflix's Too Hot To Handle stars have been busy since finding love in 2020
Netflix's Too Hot To Handle stars have been busy since finding love in 2020. Picture: Netflix

The Too Hot To Handle contestants caused a stir on the first season of the show back in 2020, but where are they now?

Too Hot To Handle's third season finally dropped on Netflix on January 19, which has everyone wondering – where are the original cast now?

The mega-success of season one made way for the THTH that has followed since as the series has become on of the streaming platforms biggest reality shows.

Where Is Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Filmed?

From Francesca Farago to Harry Jowsey to Chloe Veitch and Kori Sampson, we all want to know which couples are still together from the dating series, and what they’re doing with their lives since their new-found fame.

As you get to know the latest 10 singletons of season three, let’s take a look at where the season one cast are now…

Francesca Farago

As the biggest money spender of the group, Francesca was a massive talking point on social media after she continually lost dollars of the cash prize for breaking the rules.

However, she did win it back so all was forgiven!

Francesca, who has previously dated DJ Diplo and Katy Perry, left the show in a pretty serious relationship with co-star Harry, but they are no longer together.

She has, however, been busy posting stunning modelling pics on Instagram since her stint on the show, and has been pushing the launch of her bikini brand - @faragothelabel.

Harry Jowsey

The cheeky Aussie contestant was undoubtedly the heartthrob of the villa and left hand-in-hand with Francesca.

After he posted some pictures in her hometown, Vancouver, and she visited him in Queensland, it seems their romance went on for a while, before Francesca shared a post on Valentine's Day, writing: "Happy V day to everyone getting drunk w their friends tonight & NOT texting their exs [sic],” hinting they had called time on their romance.

They still follow each other on Instagram, so it is likely they’re just keeping their friendship amicable.

By the looks of Harry's Instagram he has now found love with a mystery woman who he hasn't tagged in any of their shared snaps – he may be keeping tight-lipped about the romance but he sure does look happy!

Harry has been busy selling his merchandise called 'Naughty Possums’ since series one finished.

Sharron Townsend

Sharron was the only guy in the villa to officially ask a girl to be his girlfriend, and we had the same emotional reaction as his bae, Rhonda Paul, did.

The model spent his time on the show getting close to the mother-of-one and their bond was very encouraged by Lana.

Since leaving the show, he has been continuing his modelling career and even starred in Fetty Wap’s music video for ‘Fresh N Clean’.

In 2022 he has already reached several milestones in his career as his modelling continues to soar –  he even appeared on a billboard in Times Square!

Rhonda Paul 

Rhonda made her mark in the villa by developing an emotional connection with Sharron and bringing all-round good vibes to her co-stars.

The pair are no longer dating but seem to have had a very amicable split.

The Atlanta-based beauty also owns a jewellery brand called PureLuXX.

Chloe Veitch

Undoubtedly the funniest contestant on THTH, Chloe is still living in Essex and is now 22-years-old.

She works as a model and has been sharing some seriously sizzling holiday snaps since being on the show!

Nicole O’Brien

As the only Irish contestant on the dating series, Nicole wasn’t as lucky in love as some of the other cast members.

However, she became BFFs with Chloe and we loved watching their friendship grow!

Nicole has been living in London and continues to be an influencer online as well as focusing on her burgeoning music career!

Haley Cureton

Haley Cureton teamed up with Francesca Farago to break the rules on THTH
Haley Cureton teamed up with Francesca Farago to break the rules on THTH. Picture: Instagram

If you remember Haley (how could you not?), she appeared on the first few episodes of THTH before Lana kicked her out for not complying with the general theme of the show.

The former contestant went on to continue her studies at the University of North Florida after being booted out of the villa.

Kelechi ‘Kelz’ Dyke

Kelz Dyke was praised on social media for being strong-willed
Kelz Dyke was praised on social media for being strong-willed. Picture: Instagram

Hailed the money-maker of the group, Kelz has gone back to playing American football for the London Warriors.

The most head-strong contestant of the Netflix gang has even attended some high-profile events such as a Boohoo MAN launch, alongside Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill and England footballer Dele Alli.

David Birtwistle

David Birtwistle is a fitness coach
David Birtwistle is a fitness coach. Picture: Instagram

David had quite the journey on the show, eventually finding love with Lydia Clyma.

He has since gone back to being a personal trainer and nutrition coach and has even shared some workout routines on Instagram.

Lydia Clyma

Lydia was one of the late additions in the show and definitely stole some hearts!

The London-living beauty has returned to juggling life as a model and TV & social media presenter.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith has been modelling since leaving the show
Matthew Smith has been modelling since leaving the show. Picture: Instagram

The author and model was the only contestant to quit the show after he struggled to find a romantic connection with anybody.

He has since started a YouTube channel with his friend called 'Dream Katchers'.

Kori Sampson

Lana wasn't happy with Kori Sampson on the Netflix show
Lana wasn't happy with Kori Sampson on the Netflix show. Picture: Instagram

Kori was booted off the show by Lana after a number of his actions went against her rules.

He has resumed his model title since leaving the show.

Madison Wyborny

Madison Wyborny didn't take any of the winnings
Madison Wyborny didn't take any of the winnings. Picture: Instagram

Like Kori, Madison was also kicked off THTH, and headed back to LA to carry on her career as a model, with some very creative photoshoots making its way on to Instagram.

Bryce Hirschberg

LA-based contestant Bryce Hirschberg fell for Chloe in THTH
LA-based contestant Bryce Hirschberg fell for Chloe in THTH. Picture: Instagram

Bryce wasn’t the luckiest contestant on the show when it came to love, but his heart was always in the right place!

He has gone on to star in a film called Counterfeiters, which he has uploaded on to YouTube to watch for free during isolation.

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