Netflix viewers accuse The Order of "stealing" from Riverdale

13 March 2019, 12:33

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The Order is facing backlash from Riverdale fans online...

Netflix's new series The Order is coming under fire over "copying" accusations.

The Order viewers are divided over the shocking season 1 finale of the Netflix series

Netflix is famous for hosting numerous teen dramas. 13 Reasons Why, On My Block and Sex Education are three of the most popular original series on the video streaming service. Netflix is also the home of The CW's Riverdale internationally. Last Friday (Mar 8), Netflix unveiled a new addition to its line up, a show called The Order. The Order is already popular, but some fans have accused the new series of "stealing" from Riverdale.

Why are fans accusing The Order of copying Riverdale?

The Order: Is the Netflix series copying Riverdale?
The Order: Is the Netflix series copying Riverdale? Picture: Netflix // The CW

The set-up of The Order is actually very different to Riverdale. First things first, it's not set in high school. The new series tells the story of Jack Morton (Jake Manley), a college freshman, who is suddenly caught up in a world of magic, werewolves and secret societies when he joins Belgrave University. Bar some of the unexpected twists (and Fangs!), it doesn't share all that much in common with Riverdale.

That being said, fans have noticed that Netflix are advertising the two series in a very similar way and they're not impressed. The styling of the promo image for The Order looks almost exactly like the one for Riverdale except for the fact that, instead of being set in Pop's diner, it's set in a bar and, instead of the main characters drinking milkshakes, they're drinking alcohol.

Here are just a few of the complaints.

It's worth repeating that The Order does take on a very different storyline to Riverdale. It does seem odd, though, that Netflix have decided to use promo photos similar to that of Riverdale's well established imagery to promote the new show.

What do you think? Is The Order guilty of copying Riverdale?