The Circle: Emelle Shocked By Sammie's Lies After Becoming First To Be Blocked

26 September 2019, 11:45

The Circle's Emelle Blocked & Leaves Show
The Circle's Emelle Blocked & Leaves Show. Picture: Instagram

The Circle’s Emelle has become the first player eliminated from the show, after she was blocked by Sammie and Tim.

The Circle has seen its first contestant eliminated, with Emelle being blocked after failing to impress influencers Tim and Sammie just two episodes into the second series of the Channel 4 catfish show.

After Tim and Sammie had saved their chosen players, they were left between Jay (who is played by his mum) and Emelle.

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Tim made the announcement, saying: “‘We have made a decision. It was difficult to be the first influencer, so we’re sorry but it took some time.

“So the player we have decided to block is…Emelle.”

Tim chose Emelle as he didn’t have a chance to bond with her, whereas Sammie saw her as a threat.

Sammie, who is being played by James, revealed that he had tried to get her out after she phrased questions about his fake child in a way that made him think she was suspicious of who he was portraying.

As happens in every elimination on the show- when given the option of who she wanted to meet before exiting, Emelle chose Sammie and was (unsurprisingly) shocked to find out she was being catfished by James.

Emelle, who played a straight and younger version of herself, congratulated James, admitting she'd fell for his lies.

Elsewhere in the episode, players took part in an ice-breaker game, in which the players had the option to agree or disagree with a series of statements by choosing either a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji, followed by a discussion in the group chat.

The contestants were asked if they agreed with the statement "I think there should be another referendum on Brexit," and Tim took the centre of attention as he revealed he once had a row with Nigel Farage about the issue.

The university professor became emotional when recalling the 2016 referendum, which only made the nation fall in love with him even more.

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Tim's tear, with one saying, “Thanks a lot Brexit, Tim's crying” and another writing, “Tim crying over Brexit, relatable king” and we couldn't agree more.

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