The Circle Confirmed For Series Three And Celebrity Special Edition

15 June 2020, 15:07

The Circle series three production begins at the end of 2020
The Circle series three production begins at the end of 2020. Picture: Channel 4

The Circle will be back on screens for series three, Channel 4 has confirmed.

The Circle, Channel 4’s social media-based reality show, will begin production on series three later on in 2020.

Months after telling viewers the show was not confirmed to go ahead due to the coronavirus pandemic, Channel 4 has confirmed The Circle has been re-commissioned for a new series, as well as a brand new celebrity edition for Stand Up to Cancer.

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The Circle will see Emma Willis return as host, while comedian Sophie Willan will resume her role as voiceover.

Filming of The Circle will resume in Salford, Manchester
Filming of The Circle will resume in Salford, Manchester. Picture: Channel 4

Series three of The Circle will launch with a special week-long celebrity edition in 2021.

Filming will return to Salford, Greater Manchester, and production on the new series is set to begin later on this year.

The hunt for new contestants for The Circle series three is officially underway.

The Circle sees residents in a plush apartment block living separately and communicating only through The Circle, meaning they can change any part of their identity or remain as themselves.

Paddy Smyth won The Circle 2019
Paddy Smyth won The Circle 2019. Picture: Channel 4

The popularity game involves contestants rating one another and competing for likes against each other.

More popular players gain power, while least popular ones get blocked before leaving the show.

Once eliminated, players have the chance to meet some of their co-stars in person for the first time, revealing their true identity in the process.

The winner of the show will receive £70,000.

The Circle 2019 winner was Paddy Smyth, who remained as himself throughout the series so he could connect with people without being judged on his disability, cerebral palsy.

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