How Did Mikey Die In The Bear? His Death Explained

27 June 2024, 14:50

How did Mikey die in The Bear? His Death Explained
How did Mikey die in The Bear? His Death Explained. Picture: Hulu/Disney+
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Mikey's tragic death is the catalyst for the entire show and Carmy's storyline.

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[CONTENT WARNING: This article contains mentions of suicide and substance abuse that some might find upsetting or triggering.]

The Bear season 3 has officially returned to our screens, and Mikey Berzatto's tragic death is still weighing heavy on Carmy's mind as he works to bring his brother's beloved family business back to life.

Mikey's is Carmy's older brother, and the former owner of The Original Beef of Chicagoland. He passed the family business down to award-winning chef Carmy after his death, setting the events of season 1 in motion.

Throughout the show, we see flashbacks of Mikey alongside Carmy and the rest of the Berzatto family. We also see Carmy struggle with Mikey's death and the weight that comes with now running the sandwich joint.

Here's what the show has revealed about Mikey's death so far – and what fans think might happen as the show progresses.

How did Mikey die in The Bear?

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Mikey tragically died by suicide prior to the events of The Bear season 1. Carmy shares that he took his own life with a gun. The reason why Mikey takes his own like is not explicitly stated or detailed.

Throughout flashbacks, viewers see glimpses into Mikey's life and mental state. In season 1, it's hinted that Mikey was suffering from depression and had an addiction to painkillers. It's also revealed that he owed $300,000 to Uncle Jimmy a.k.a. Cicero, who has strong ties to the Chicago mob.

In the season 2 episode 'Fishes', Mikey has a heated argument with Uncle Lee while at a family Christmas dinner, and is clearly triggered and hurt by some of the comments that are hurled his way.

Carmen Shows Mikey His Future Plans - Scene | The Bear | FX

More details surrounding Mikey's death and plans he made for Carmy are revealed as the episodes go on. At the end of season 1, we discover that the money Mikey owed Cicero was actually hidden within the tomato cans Carmy used to make the secret Family Meal Spaghetti recipe.

Several fan theories have since popped up suggesting that there's something more to Mikey's death than meets the eye, particularly to do with Cicero and the mob connection. However, others have shot those theories down, saying it would undermine the tragic, emotional notes of the story, as well as Mikey's moving note to Carmy.

What did Mikey's note to Carmy say in The Bear?
What did Mikey's note to Carmy say in The Bear? Picture: Disney+

What did Mikey's note to Carmy say?

At the end of season 1, Carmy finally opens the note Mikey left for him before he died. The note reads: "I love you dude. Let it rip." In season 2's 'Fishes' episode, that message takes on even more meaning as it's something that Mikey actually says to Carmy after he shows him his plans for the future of the restaurant.

The Bear season 3 is now streaming on Hulu and Disney+.

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