Stranger Things’ Hopper Hijacked A Student’s Yearbook Pics

15 January 2018, 15:03

David Harbour Stranger Things Senior Photos

This wins 2018.

Ever since we binge-watched the second series of 'Stranger Things' in, like, a day, there's been an Eleven-shaped hole in our hearts. Sigh.

That's when one student, Damaris, took it upon herself to make the world right again...

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Tweeting David Harbour, who's known for playing Chief Hopper on the Netflix Original Series, she wrote "how many retweets for you take my senior photos with me [sic]".

We've all seen this a thousand times before; we're still jealous of the bloke who's got a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets from doing this, but we didn't expect David to follow through.

After getting the necessary 25,000 RTs, he legit rocked up. What. A. G.

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NOTE: No matter how glam or cute you look, your school photos won't be as good as ones with a trombone-playing, cheerleading, bunny-ears-throwing Hopper.

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