Stranger Things’ David Harbour Reveals Cast Thought Netflix Show Would Be A ‘Disaster’

20 November 2019, 17:46

Stranger Things' stars were surprised at its success
Stranger Things' stars were surprised at its success. Picture: Getty

David Harbour opened up about how ‘terrible’ him and his co-stars thought Stranger Things would be.

Stranger Things’ David Harbour revealed in an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert he thought the Netflix show would flop.

Speaking about the show’s success, the 49-year-old actor, who plays Jim Hopper, said: “I was sure it was going to be a complete disaster and a big failure before it came out.”

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He continued: “I remember when we were shooting, too, we would all sit around talking about how terrible it was going to be, mainly because of my performance. I thought I was tanking the whole show.”

Reminiscing on the lead up to the show, he said his friend had convinced him he was right in thinking the show wouldn’t be a success as there was no promo for it.

David Harbour is dating Lily Allen
David Harbour is dating Lily Allen. Picture: Instagram

David, who is dating singer Lily Allen, recalled: “Before it came out, you normally see things on buses. I live in New York, I’m wandering around, buses, phone booths, there are ads for shows. Not a single ad.”

“Three weeks before the show, a week before the show, and I was doing a play with a friend of mine who’s on a very successful television programme, and I said to him, ‘No ads, no ads. I guess they’re doing some kind of new campaign’,” he added.

His friend jokingly said they’re “burying the show” and “they’re trying to make sure no one watches it.”

Thankfully, he was wrong because we are all living for the newest season of the show, of which information about has recently been leaked.

David Harbour Didn't Think 'Stranger Things' Was Going To Be A Hit

Actor Debbie Wood shared her audition tapes for a role in what's thought to be the upcoming fourth season of the show, hinting at possible plot points.

She posted the clips on social media, where she was trying out for the role of Dorris, Hawkins Middle School’s receptionist.

Hawkins Middle School Receptionist

Hawkins Middle School Receptionist


In the videos, Debbie is seen reading lines whereby she’s telling off a student named Robert before mentioning “weird noises” coming from the classrooms.

This may, however, be from a previous scene that is no longer in the series, as fans speculate the fourth series won’t be set in Hawkins at all.

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