Stranger Things Fans Rejoice After David Harbour's Black Widow Character Is Named Alexei

22 July 2019, 08:58

David Harbour's Black Widow character is named Alexei
David Harbour's Black Widow character is named Alexei. Picture: Netflix (L); Getty (R)

The Jim Hopper actor announced that his character in the upcoming Black Widow is called Alexei Shostakov, sharing the same name as the scientist in Stranger Things.

David Harbour - who is known for playing Jim Hopper in Stranger Things - recently announced that he will be playing Alexei aka The Red Guardian, in Marvel's upcoming Black Widow, alongside Scarlett Johansson.

While Hopper's fate is unknown in Stranger Things, following an explosion in the laboratory, Harbour is set to star with Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz in 2020's Black Widow.

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Fans of Netflix's Stranger Things rejoiced after the news was announced, as David's character, Hopper, had an ongoing conflict with a Russian scientist called Alexei.

One fan wrote "David Harbour is playing a character named Alexei in Black Widow, THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE," while another said "DAVID HARBOUR IS PLAYING A CHARACTER NAMED ALEXEI IN BLACK WIDOW WHAT ARE THE ODDS"

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David Harbour is set to star as Alexei in Black Widow in the MCU's Phase 4 on May 1, 2020.