Stranger Things 4 Filming ‘Starts Soon’ Millie Bobby Brown Reveals

16 January 2020, 12:38 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 22:43

Stranger Things 4 begins filming very soon
Stranger Things 4 begins filming very soon. Picture: Netflix/Getty

Filming for Stranger Things 4 will begin in the coming months according to Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown.

It feels like an eternity since we binge-watched Stranger Things season three, and, ever since, we’ve been eagerly-anticipating any news about series four.

It’s looking unlikely the next series will be ready later this year, but Millie Bobby Brown – who plays Eleven in the Netflix show – has revealed the processes start very soon.

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Asked during an Instagram Q&A with her followers when she and the cast will start filming Stranger Things, the 15-year-old replied: “Soon! Early this year for sure and v excited ab it [sic].”

Final scenes of the last series saw David Harbour’s character Hopper sacrifice himself at the gate of the Upside Down in order to save his adopted daughter Eleven and the rest of Hawkins, Indiana.

Eleven then moved out of town with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and her sons Will and Jonathan, hinting the next series will take place outside of Hawkins town.

Since then, Hopper’s fate has remained unknown as the final post-credits scene of the show saw Russian soldiers refer to ‘the American’ – a prisoner they are keeping captive.

There are now strong theories the ‘American’ in question is Hopper.

We already know the first episode of series four will be titled ‘Chapter One: The Hellfire Club’, after the Netflix show’s writers posted a photo of the script on Twitter.

It’s rumoured filming will begin in late February in Lithuania, where they’ll be primarily using a prison and locations used by HBO for Chernobyl – according to Murphys Multiverse.

Stranger Things’ creators The Duffer Brothers confirmed last year that the next series will explore areas outside of Hawkins, and the first teaser dropped said in the iconic red font: “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.”

Netflix also announced on 30 September they've signed the Duffer Brothers for a multi-year film and series overall deal so they can continue to expand their vivid imaginations into other projects for the streaming platform.

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