Stranger Things 3 Viewers Have Fallen In Love With Hopper After Emotional Scenes In The New Series

8 July 2019, 11:48 | Updated: 8 July 2019, 11:50

Stranger Things fans have developed a crush on Hopper
Stranger Things fans have developed a crush on Hopper. Picture: Netflix / Getty

Stranger Things fans have developed a crush on Hopper.

Stranger Things series 3 dropped on 4th July after almost a two-year wait for the new season, and the Netflix show was full of even more emotion, nail-biting scenes and heart-melting friendships.

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***This article contains season 3 spoilers***

While we’re all firm fans of Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson and the gang, viewers’ love for Chief of Police Hopper was taken to a whole new level in season three.

In the new series, Jim Hopper – played by David Harbour – can be seen airing his concerns about Eleven’s close relationship with Mike and attempts to sit the pair down to “establish some boundaries”, but the scene doesn’t go to plan and he ends up yelling at Mike and warning him not to spend too much time with his daughter.

There are also scenes where Hopper is embroiled in physical fights, one of which sees him break the nose of the town’s mayor Larry Kline.

The focus on Hopper as he and Joyce try to decipher what’s really going on in Hawkins has fans hailing him a hero, but some viewers are also lusting after him, branding him a “zaddy”.

One admiring fan tweeted: “Is it weird that I have a crush on Hopper from Stranger Things? #Zadddy,” as another said: “Oh just realized I have a big crush on Hopper from Stranger Things.”

“Why do I really fancy Hopper in Stranger Things?” wrote another person, as a fourth declared: “Every time i watch a new season of @Stranger_Things i fancy Hopper all over again.”

The final episode of Stranger Things 3 sees a devastating end for Hopper, leaving fans heartbroken as it appears he’s killed in the blast when the gate to the Upside Down is closed.

The last scene then sees Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven reading a speech Hopper had planned to give her about her happiness and how it was hard for him to watch her grow up. The scene had viewers in tears and Millie has since revealed she didn’t want to read the letter until it came to filming the heartbreaking moment, meaning her emotions were real and raw.

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