Stranger Things 4 Hint At New Series Storyline With Two Behind-The-Scenes Pictures

2 October 2020, 11:04

Stranger Things 4's writers have revealed more clues
Stranger Things 4's writers have revealed more clues. Picture: Netflix / Stranger Things/Twitter

The crew behind Stranger Things have just dropped two clues about what might be involved in the plot of season four.

As the Stranger Things cast returned to filming series four, the team shared a couple of hints on what might be going down in the new season – which is expected to have a late 2021 release date.

The production crew were pictured filming in Atlanta, Georgia this week and in the last few days the cast including Natalie Dyer, who plays Nancy, were pictured back on set.

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As photos emerged of some of the cast members, Stranger Things’ twitter account hinted at season four’s storyline – and it looks like time travel may be on the cards.

The Stranger Things team hinted at season four's plot
The Stranger Things team hinted at season four's plot. Picture: Stranger Things/Twitter

“Meanwhile in the upside down…” they captioned a photo of a clapperboard in front a grandfather clock.

Stranger Writers, the account for the series’ scriptwriters, replied to the photo: “Ummmmm……. are you tellin me what I think you’re tellin me?”

The official account then responded: “Absolutely correct,” which we’re taking as a pretty big hint Elven, Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas may find themselves heading back in time.

Moments after the tweet from Stranger Things’ account, the writers tweeted their own clue at what to expect from the new series by posting a photo of a pep rally poster.

Stranger Things' writers shared a pep rally poster
Stranger Things' writers shared a pep rally poster. Picture: Stranger Writers/Twitter

It reads: “Support your tigers!!” which fans are guessing means at least one of the characters will be on the basketball team for Hawkins High.

While the arcade was the perfect 80s backdrop for the terrifying season finale in season three, we’re getting a similar vibe the school sports hall will be just as important of a location.

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