Sonny Jay Has Injuries To Both His Thumbs From Dancing On Ice Lifts

8 February 2021, 15:03 | Updated: 8 February 2021, 15:42

Dancing on Ice: Sonny Jay has injured his thumbs from all the lifts with Angela Egan
Dancing on Ice: Sonny Jay has injured his thumbs from all the lifts with Angela Egan. Picture: ITV

By Kathryn Knight

Sonny Jay has an injury called ‘skiers thumb’ after trying out so many of those impressive lifts on Dancing on Ice.

Dancing on Ice takes a physical toll on the celebrity contestants every year and this year has seen the likes of Billie Faiers and Denise van Outen withdraw from the competition due to injury.

Capital’s very own Sonny Jay has luckily stayed on his skates for the majority of the show but that hasn’t left him without any aches and pains.

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In a catch up after Sunday night’s episode Sonny told us he’s got small injuries to his thumbs after all the lifts he and partner Angela Egan have tried out.

“I’ve got thumb injuries that are called skiing thumbs, apparently it’s where you tear ligaments in either side of your thumbs and I’ve basically done that in both my thumbs now,” he explained.

“It’s because when I’m lifting, both my thumbs are bending back, it’s just pulled the ligaments on either side. Other than that I’m fine, no massive injuries.

“So if that’s all I’ve got then I’m lucky. It’s a little bit sore, but they move, they’re not broken, so I’m alright.”

Sonny famously showed off – and triumphed – the half drape during Dancing on Ice on Sunday, the lift no other male contestant has yet tried in the series.

Sonny Jay nailed the half drape lift
Sonny Jay nailed the half drape lift. Picture: ITV

The Breakfast Show star said mere hours before the show he couldn’t complete the lift and was nervous it wouldn’t go as planned.

He spilled: “Three hours before I did those lifts there was one I couldn’t get. All week I was doing it I was absolutely fine and then Sunday morning you do three run-throughs and I didn’t get one of them up, I just couldn’t and I thought ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do here’.

“But then luckily before I went on I practiced it and I got it and I thought ‘whatever happens happens.’ But I’m really proud of what I did.”

After his performance with Angela the skating duo received a total score of 29.5, putting them near the top end of the leaderboard once again while Emmerdale’s Joe Warren Plant, Lady Leshurr and Faye Brooks held the top spot with 32.5.

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