Sonny Jay Attempting Lift 'No Other Male Contestant Has Done Yet’ On Dancing On Ice

1 February 2021, 13:54 | Updated: 1 February 2021, 14:55

Sonny Jay and partner Angela Egan are attempting a tricky lift for Dancing on Ice
Sonny Jay and partner Angela Egan are attempting a tricky lift for Dancing on Ice. Picture: Sonny Jay/Instagram / ITV

By Kathryn Knight

Sonny Jay gave the lowdown on what he and partner Angela Egan have in store for Sunday night’s Dancing on Ice.

Capital’s Sonny Jay continues to wow the judges on Dancing on Ice but this week he and partner Angela Egan are raising the bar even further.

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Planning a lift no other male contestant has tried on the show yet, Sonny said he attempted it for the first time in rehearsals last week and injured his shoulder.

Sonny Jay and Angela charm us with their Flash, Bang, Wallop! routine

Sonny Jay with partner Angela Egan
Sonny Jay with partner Angela Egan. Picture: Sonny Jay/Instagram

In scenes we’re imagining to be like the Iron Lotus on Blades of Glory, Sonny said it’s going to be the hardest week so far.

He spilled: “I’ve been trying to do a few more lifts that I’m going to try and get into my routine this week that no one’s done on the show out of the male contestants yet.

“It’s called a half drape and it’s essentially picking up your partner from the back and holding onto one leg. If it does go in and I do get it, it’s going to look really nice.

“But I tried it last week and I did my shoulder in a bit, but I think that’s from not warming up properly, so now I’ve been given exercises to do from the physiotherapist who is so lovely, so I’ve taken it all on board and I’ve got a lot stronger now.”

Sonny said this week will be the hardest week for all of the contestants so far, as it’s the first time they’ll all be learning a routine from scratch within six days.

He and Angela are also hoping to include an aeroplane lift, the move he “put on Instagram where I dropped her”.

But ever the dedicated athlete, Sonny added: “If I can get both of them in I’ll be very happy but I’ve got a big week to make sure I got it.”

Dancing on Ice continues Sunday nights at 6pm on ITV.

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