Shipwrecked 2019: Who Is The Presenter And Voice Over, Vick Hope?

29 January 2019, 13:53

Vick Hope will be presenting and voicing this year's Shipwrecked series.
Vick Hope will be presenting and voicing this year's Shipwrecked series. Picture: Instagram

Capital Breakfast’s Vick Hope is taking over your evenings voicing this year’s series of Shipwrecked.

Shipwrecked has returned to E4 after seven years for a new 15-part series. A batch of castaways will compete on two islands for a winning share of £50,000.

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Voiced by Vick Hope, here’s everything you need to know about our Capital Breakfast host:

What’s Vick Hope’s age?

Victoria Nwayawu Nwosu-Hope is 29-years-old. Her birthday is on September 25, 1989.

Where is Vick Hope from?

The Capital presenter was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, but now lives in London. However, her mother's side of the Hope family is actually Nigerian.

How tall is Vick Hope?

Our girl Vick Hope stands tall at 5 foot 7.

What TV shows has Vick Hope been on?

Don't worry, she’s a seasoned presenter - Vick isn't just on your radio in the mornings. She’s The Voice's digital correspondent, an ex-Strictly contestant, and Sky One's Carnage host.

What languages does Vick Hope speak?

She can speak fluently in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

What did Vick do before TV and Radio?

Well, brace yourself. Vick has worked in bars, pubs, and restaurants, walked around town handing out nachos, and worked as a hostess in a cocktail bar. She even danced in her friend's art shows in a club in Buenos Aires.

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