Shipwrecked Fans Are Wondering What’s Happened As The Show Is “Turning Into Love Island"

5 February 2019, 16:10

Fans think the new series of Shipwrecked is turning into Love Island.
Fans think the new series of Shipwrecked is turning into Love Island. Picture: E4

Fans aren't happy with how different the new version of the show is to the old Shipwrecked from seven years ago.

Everyone was buzzing when Shipwrecked came back to our screens after seven long years but fans have all been saying the same thing... where are the challenges and why is it suddenly just like Love Island?

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In the original version of the show, castaways were stranded on a remote island for five months and had to fend for themselves and create their own shelters and catch their own food.

On the new series, the contestants were provided with ready-made shelters and food supplies - there was even a makeshift island wardrobe for their clothes, for crying out loud!

As well as having a much easier life on the Cook Islands than the previous cohort, the contestants are seemingly all single and immediately embarked on a game of spin the coconut.

Even the producers subtly acknowledged the similarities:

Fans took to Twitter to express their dismay that the show was turning into another version of Love Island:

Here's hoping they introduce more survival tasks so the show is about more than finding love - we miss the element of danger!

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