Shipwrecked 2019: Hollie Hobin Age, Job, Instagram & Relationship Status

4 February 2019, 17:21

Everything you need to know about Shipwrecked's Holly Hobin
Everything you need to know about Shipwrecked's Holly Hobin. Picture: Instagram

As Shipwrecked is well under way, are you wondering where they've found the latest bunch of castaway's from?

We're all wrapped up and home feeling sorry for ourselves and using Shipwrecked to live vicariously through the toned and tanned castaway's that are currently starring on the rebooted game show.

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So, who exactly is Tiger's tribe member Hollie Hobin, does she find love on the island and why do you have a nagging feeling you've seen her somewhere before?

Who is Hollie Hobin?

Hollie is fashion and beauty vlogger who's decided to sack off her luxurious lifestyle to go and roll around in the sand for a couple of weeks and get a proper tan (which we promise we aren't hung up on or anything).

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Tigeress 🐅

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How old is Hollie Hobin?

The new member of Tiger island is 24 years old.

What is her job?

The reason you may feel like you've seen her face somewhere before is because Hollie is a social influencer, having amassed over 27k followers and if often hanging out in glitzy spots like Mahiki, on weekend breaks in Paris, ya know, general influencer stuff.

Where is Hollie from?

She's from Bromley, South London.

Is Hollie in a relationship?

She's single and has found herself an island BFF in the form of Chris Jammer, who is gay so they really are just BFF's.

What's Hollie's Instagram handle?


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