13 Reasons Why revealed Monty is [SPOILER] and fans are shocked

24 August 2019, 17:32

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

13 Reasons Why season 3 revealed that Monty De La Cruz, played by Timothy Granaderos, is gay. Monty meets a guy named Winston and also has to face the consequences of assaulting Tyler in 13 Reasons Why season 2.

13 Reasons Why finally returned for season 3 on Netflix and there were plenty of gripping and dramatic moments to process. The mystery of who killed Bryce Walker was teased long before the 13 new episodes actually dropped, and the chaotic events of Homecoming loomed heavy over the season's early episodes. Though the whodunnit style mystery kept fans guessing, it was the revelation that Monty (played by Timothy Granaderos) is gay which proved to be one of the season's more shocking developments.

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Warning: Major 13 Reasons Why season 3 spoilers ahead

Is Monty gay on 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why Monty gay
13 Reasons Why Monty gay. Picture: Netflix

Montgomery De La Cruz established himself as an uber villain last season after the controversial bathroom sexual assault scene. In the graphic and intensely troubling season 2 moment, Monty sexually violates Tyler Down with a wooden broom handle and leaves him bleeding and crying on the floor. The scene was so disturbing that even Timothy Granaderos admitted that watching it back made him feel nauseous.

Monty is a homophobe and freely uses the 'f' word when taunting his classmates. In season 3, we learn more about Monty's upbringing and come to find out that his father is also a huge homophobe.

During a party, Monty has his first sexual encounter with a guy, Winston, who performs oral sex on him. Monty enjoys his first sexual encounter with a man, but flies into a rage later on when Winston suggests they should hang out again. He beats Winston badly in front of shocked partygoers.

As viewers, we understand that Monty beating up Winston has to do with his internalised homophobia. More broadly, his cruel tendencies are likely a result of growing up with an abusive homophobe at home.

After Homecoming, Monty and Winston reunite and they have sex. It becomes clear that Monty could not have killed Bryce, like Ani said, because he was hooking up with Winston at the time.

Later, we see Tyler going to the police to report his sexual assault from season 2 and Monty is arrested soon after.

Monty in jail 13 reasons why
Monty in jail 13 reasons why. Picture: Netflix

How did Monty die on 13 Reasons Why?

Monty's death is not shown on screen. However, when Ani is telling Deputy Standall that Monty is Bryce Walker's killer, he reveals Monty's fate.

"Montgomery De La Cruz was killed in his jail cell just hours ago," Deputy Standall tells Ani.

The last time we ever see Monty is when he was bring transported to his jail cell after a tense visit from his father.

Monty's death neatly wraps up the mystery of who killed Bryce Walker and spares Alex, Jessica, and Zach a trial for their involvement in his murder.

Fans are reacting to the revelation that Monty is gay

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