10 Hidden Messages You Might Not Have Spotted In The '13 Reasons Why' Trailer

1 May 2018, 12:52

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer
13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer. Picture: Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

The tapes are out and the polaroids are in...

Despite being in a high state of alert for news about 13 Reasons Why for at least the last two months, we still weren't ready for when Netflix dropped the trailer for the second season yesterday (April 30) alongside the release date.

The new season will be released on May 18th and the trailer contains A LOT of clues about what we can expect.

Forget the tapes, the second season is all about polaroids, a big court case and someone trying to suppress the truth about what happened to Hannah Baker. Here's what we've figured out from the easter eggs littered in the promo.

1. Polaroids are the new tapes.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Polaroids
Picture: Netflix

Fans had speculated that season two would replace tapes and use another form of nostalgic media to tell the stories of the lives of the Liberty High students and they were correct. Polaroids will clearly be a major theme within the second season, as evidenced by the use of polaroid photos in the trailer to expose what is really happening with all the characters. In a separate press release Netflix have said that "a series of ominous polaroids lead Clay and his classmates to uncover a sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up."

Who could be the mysterious photographer? Tyler, the resident stalker/school photographer seems like the most obvious choice but what if it was someone else, or Hannah Baker herself from beyond the grave...again?

2. Someone is still trying to suppress what happened to Hannah.

13 Reasons Why Season 2
Picture: Netflix

You would have thought now the tapes have been discovered that it was all over for those featured on the tapes. However, it seems like someone is still trying to suppress what happened to Hannah no matter what. Multiple characters in the video appear next to signs warning them not to speak. Our guess? We reckon Bryce becomes aware of the tapes and tries to stop people from testifying against him in a court case. There's no concrete evidence of this so far but the signs do seem to heavily suggest something like this happening in season two.

3. Olivia and Andy Baker are going to face more hostility as they seek justice for Hannah.

Olivia Baker - 13 Reasons Why
Picture: Netflix

As we follow Hannah Baker's grieving parents during the first season, we also witness Olivia and Andy being ostracized from their community (remember how people stop shopping at their drug store?) As they continue to seek justice for their daughter, Olivia and Andy are going to face A LOT of pressure and hostility - possibly from those featured on the tapes and/or parents from the school - if the graffiti on 'house for sale' signs saying "get out" and "go away" are to be believed.

4. What is the note in Tony's hand?

13 Reasons Why's Tony
Picture: Netflix

In the beginning of season one, Tony's motives aren't particularly clear and he receives a lot of heat from almost everyone. By the end, it's clear he wanted to do right by Hannah but it looks like he might pay for that decision in season two, as his face and car are both smashed in. More intriguing is the small note he is seen carrying (we couldn't decipher the wording ourselves...any guesses?). Could it be more instructions from Hannah?

5. Are Tony and Ryan getting back together?

Tony & Ryan - 13 Reasons Why
Picture: Netflix

Remember how they used to date? Well, doesn't it seem a little odd that the opening shot involved Ryan and Tony in the car together? 13 Reasons Why is a heavy show, so if they want a gay romance to lighten the mood then we aren't going to say no to that. Also, it's #20GayTeen so it feels somewhat appropriate.

6. Jessica is still going through hell in season two.

At the end of season one, we see Jessica come to terms with the reality that she was raped by Bryce. The 13RW team had already suggested that Jessica would have central role this time around and it looks like Jessica might face some intimidation tactics (by Bryce, we assume) as well as people not believing her (one photo has the word "liar" written over it).

The laughing/crying effect in the polaroids is interesting too. Jessica tries very hard during the first season to maintain a level of normalcy at school while dealing with everything that is exposed on the tapes. Is Jessica going to continue to repress what happens or blow it all out of the water? We'll see.

7. Mr Porter might finally face repercussions for what he said to Hannah.

Mr Porter - 13 Reasons Why
Picture: Netflix

Days before Hannah committed suicide, she reaches out to Mr Porter and confides in him that she was raped. Mr Porter asks Hannah if she said no or told him to stop, to which she replies no. Mr Porter tells Hannah that she probably consented and tells her to "move on" after she says she doesn't want to press charges and refuses to give the name of the person who raped her. After Bryce, Mr Porter is one of the loathsome characters on the show so we are personally delighted to see his office window smashed in and to see a hand slapping his face in the promo. Let's hope he gets fired too.

8. Does Bryce attack another girl in season two?

Bryce's appearance in the promo is a little like a good news/bad news situation. It begins with Mr Porter pulling out his file, which we hope means he might finally be investigated for raping Hannah. On the flip side, he is then seen at a party next to a new girl, Mackenzie, who then appears passed out next to Bryce in the polaroid. We really hope we don't see a repeat of what happen to Jessica and Hannah in season two.

9. A court case is DEFINITELY happening.

13 Reasons Why
Picture: Netflix

In Clay's portion of the promo video, the first thing we see are (another) threatening note, similar to the one Jessica received, as well as a court summons. Early photos from the shoot last year revealed that a court case was happening and now Clay getting suited and booted confirms this. It's still uncertain who else will appear in court and if this will be to prosecute against some or all of those featured on the tape. #SendBryceDown

10. Where is Alex?

Not so much a easter egg, but it certainly is interesting that Alex isn't featured anywhere in the promo video. At the end of season one, Alex is seen being taken to hospital after a suspected suicide attempt involving a gun. This lead many to believe he would have a more central role in season two. It could just be that they didn't want to tease everything that happens in the first trailer for the show but his absence seems strange. Either way, it doesn't bode well for Alex.

The same can be said for Justin and Tyler too. As central characters, we would expected to have seen them in the trailer. This must mean another video will drop before the release date. Better set up those tweet alerts then...

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