Dylan Sprouse Mocked Riverdale's KJ Apa's Teeth & He Clapped Back With The Ultimate Photoshop

6 November 2018, 16:11

The Riverdale cast are known for poking fun for each other, but Cole Sprouse's twin brother Dylan has joined in, trolling KJ Apa's teeth, who then came back with an awesome photoshop that shut him down immediately!

KJ Apa is no stranger to dabbling in some internet trolling of his Riverdale cast mates, but he probably wasn't expecting Cole Sprouse's twin, Dylan, to step up to the plate and start poking fun at his teeth in a throwback pic, but he did, and KJ couldn't just sit there and take it, so moved like lightning to clap him back.

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Dylan poked fun at AJ's adorably big teeth in this school picture of the New Zealander, commenting: "Shoulda kept the teeth bro", so what did KJ do? He photoshopped those teeth onto a red carpet shot of him in lightning speed, showing Dylan that two can play at that game, and we say fair play.

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@dylansprouse hey ur right

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Dylan, who is also an actor, most recently starring in the music video for Camila Cabello's 'Consequences' couldn't believe the speed in which KJ came back with the hilarious edit, saying: "I'm amazed at how fast you pushed this edit out".

KJ Apa clapped back Dylan Sprouse's trolling with a hilarious edit of his teeth
KJ Apa clapped back Dylan Sprouse's trolling with a hilarious edit of his teeth. Picture: Instagram

We're not entirely sure what happened for this edit to then find it's way onto KJ's page, but it did, and for some reason, we still feel like KJ won this battle? Discuss.

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ffs this is getting out of control

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