Who Is Herizen Guardiola In Netflix's Dare Me? Addy Hanlon Actress's Age, Instagram & Previous Roles

17 March 2020, 16:45

Netflix cheerleading drama stars 'The Get Down' actress Herizon Guardiola
Netflix cheerleading drama stars 'The Get Down' actress Herizon Guardiola. Picture: Getty Images

Netflix's 'Dare Me' is the new cheerleading show everyone's going to be binging, so, let's find out just who the actress playing Addy Hanlon is and what other shows she's starred in?

Netflix's latest binge worthy series is cheerleading drama 'Dare Me', which is kind of a mix of Riverdale and the *iconic* docu-series that is Cheer, and since we've all got so much time on our hands right now- let's get stuck in!

Netflix's 'Dare Me': Everything You Need To Know About The New Cheerleader Drama

Dare Me is the latest drama series added to the streaming services endlessly good content, with its synopsis saying of the show:

"Relationships topple and loyalties flip when an icy new cheerleading coach takes over the high school squad ruled by Beth and her devoted BFF, Addy."

It already has 82% rotten tomatoes and even from the trailer we can tell it's going to bring *serious* drama.

Who is Herizen Guardiola?

Herizon is an actress and singer/songwriter from Miami, who is most recently set to star in Netflix teen drama, Dare Me, as the best friend to an 'icy' new cheerleading coach, playing one of the lead characters of Addy Hanlon.

She told Vogue of upbringing: "I’m half Cuban and half Jamaican; my dad’s a reggae musician and he was raised Cuban Catholic, and my mom was raised Baptist, but she’s a Buddhist and a nutritionist and yoga instructor."

How old is Herizon?

Born in 1996, Herizon is 23-years-old and has already been acting and making music for five years- so, if you were feeling lazy, we bet you really are now!

Herizon is also a singer and songwriter!

The talented 20 something has also released a considerable amount of music, with her top viewed YouTube music video for 'Come Over To My House' having racked up 130k views.

What else has Herizon starred in?

Her breakout role was as Mylene in The Get Down, a Netflix series created by the iconic director, Baz Luhrmann, who said of the actress:

"It's always thrilling to find a fresh unknown talent, particularly one who is not only a terrific actor but a magnificent vocalist."

She is said to have impressed during her audition singing a rendition of Alicia Keys's 'Fallin' and as a singer and actress AND cheerleader- we're pretty sure that makes her a triple threat!

Film Independent Presents USA Network Premiere Screening Of "Dare Me"
Film Independent Presents USA Network Premiere Screening Of "Dare Me". Picture: Getty

What are her main hobbies?

As well as her music career- inspired by her reggae musician father- Herizon is very much into her fitness!

She told Vogue all about her clean living and fitness routine, which, as she's currently playing a cheerleader, makes a whole lot of sense!

She said: "I’m a vegetarian; I eat a lot of organic food. I do a lot of stretching and yoga, and I go on hikes—anywhere that is pretty."

What is Herizen's Instagram handle?

You can follow her on Instagram at @herizen_fawn and she's currently got 165 thousand followers, her account skyrocketing after starring in The Get Down, and we're pretty sure this figure is about to rise a whole lot more now she has another Netflix series under her belt!

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