Who's In The Umbrella Academy Cast, What's The Netflix Show About And What Are Their Powers?

18 February 2019, 11:02 | Updated: 18 February 2019, 11:04

Meet the cast of Netflix's hit series, The Umbrella Academy
Meet the cast of Netflix's hit series, The Umbrella Academy. Picture: Instagram

The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix last Friday - but who makes up the cast of the hit superhero show?

Based on the comic book series by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, Netflix show The Umbrella Academy has become the latest superhero series to take the nation by storm.

Here's all the information about the show and its cast...

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What is The Umbrella Academy about?

The Umbrella Academy follows a family of superheroes.

While they're not related by blood, the seven children are raised and trained by an eccentric old man who seeks to develop their powers and use them to fight crime. They aren't given names by their father, but are instead referred to by their number. It is their android mother, Grace, who gives them human names.

What ties them all together and makes these children special is the fact they were all born on the same day, by women around the world who weren't actually pregnant.

Thanks to a series of flashbacks, viewers come to understand that Vanya, a subdued, quiet woman, was always excluded from the academy and the training her siblings underwent, because she doesn't have any superpowers.

In fact, she spend her whole life apologising for being ordinary, and is eventually cast aside by her family because she decides to write a tell-all book about her life and her siblings.

At the start of the show, we learn that their 'father', the eccentric old man, has passed away. And it is this event that brings all the siblings back together, after 13 years apart.

It becomes clear that this is for a reason bigger than all of them; the future of the world depends on them.

Meet The Umbrella Academy cast
Meet The Umbrella Academy cast. Picture: Instagram

Who's in The Umbrella Academy cast?

Ellen Page - Vanya

Justin H Min - Ben

Aidan Gallagher - Number Five

Robert Sheehan - Klaus

Emmy Raver-Lampman - Allison

David Castañeda - Diego

Tom Hopper - Luther

Mary J Blige - Cha-Cha

Cameron Britton - Hazel

Jordan Claire Robbins - Grace

Colm Feore - The Monocle / Reginald Hargreeves

Adam Godley - Pogo

What are their powers?

Vanya, Number 7

Number 7, AKA Vanya, is played by Ellen Page
Number 7, AKA Vanya, is played by Ellen Page. Picture: Instagram

While she can play the violin, Vanya has no special talents or powers, unlike the rest of her siblings. She has spent her whole life feeling inferior and unimportant.

As the plot develops, we understand Vanya has a bigger part to play.

Ben, Number 6

Ben is gifted with the ability to possess monsters from other dimensions and use them to attack the bad guys.

In the first episode of the show, we learn Ben died in a horrible way - but it is never fully explained in the first season what happened to him.

Number Five, Number 5

Number Five has the ability to travel through time and space
Number Five has the ability to travel through time and space. Picture: Instagram

Number Five is incredibly bright and is able to move through time and space.

Despite their father's protestations, Number Five decides to travel in time. He disappears for many years and the rest of the family believe him to be dead, too.

At their father's funeral, Number Five returns in his boy form and explains he's been in the future and has spent 45 years trying to get back.

In the future, he sees the apocalypse and has come back to not only warn everyone, but to try to prevent it from happening.

Klaus, Number 4

Klaus has a particularly tumultuous relationship with their father.

Number 4 has the ability to conjure the dead and speak to them, including their late brother Ben.

As a child, Klaus was forced to stay in a mausoleum by their father in order to work on his power.

Traumatised by the event and the darker side of his powers, Klaus resorts to abusing his body to block out the pain.

Allison, Number 3

Allison Hargreeves can manipulate people around her
Allison Hargreeves can manipulate people around her. Picture: Instagram

Number 3 has the power to change events by whispering commands in people's ears.

Through manipulation, she has managed to forge a successful acting career and has become a world-famous movie star.

Present day, she's going through a divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband Patrick, who caught her using her powers on their daughter Claire.

Diego, Number 2

Diego can not only hold his breath for an indefinitely, he also has a wicked precision with throwing knives.

He's seen as the rebellious one who constantly battles with his brother, Number 1, for control.

Luther, Number 1

Gifted with superhuman strength, Luther always sought to impress their father, The Monocle, at any given opportunity.

When his siblings left home, Luther stayed at the family mansion, determined to serve their father and continue with missions.

After a disastrous mission that left Luther fighting for his life, The Monocle had no choice but to inject his son with a special serum. The side-effects meant he became part-ape.

Their father then sent Luther to the moon for four years, asking him to report on his findings.

When is The Umbrella Academy on Netflix?

The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix on Friday, 15th February.

It's made up of ten episodes, all of which are about an hour long.

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