Netflix To Use 'Shuffle' Button To Prevent Indecisiveness

19 August 2020, 09:58

Netflix has introduced its 'Play Something' feature
Netflix has introduced its 'Play Something' feature. Picture: Getty

Netflix has introduced a 'Play Something' feature, allowing users to randomly select any of the streaming service's movies and series.

How many times have you argued with your other half over watch to watch on Netflix? Too many to count, isn't it? The online streaming service has sought to prevent any indecisiveness.

Netflix is planning on releasing its 'Shuffle' feature for users who can't decide what to watch, and will then randomly select a movie or television series from its millions of properties.

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Since July, Netflix has been testing where this feature should appear; some users have noticed the button saying 'Shuffle Play' beneath their user profile as Netflix opens, while others have seen 'Play Something' appear in the menu bar.

Speaking to Variety, a spokesperson for Netflix said that this feature is currently only available on televisions, but they're hoping to roll it out to mobile phones and gaming consoles.

Don't worry, though - if you're a horror fan, you won't be shown the latest episode of Selling Sunset. Netflix seemingly uses its elaborate algorithm to cater to your tastes.

One person used the 'Play Something' feature, and was presented with Umbrella Academy, as Netflix told them its because they watched Spider-Man; both of which are fantasy superhero franchises.

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