Netflix’s Sex Education Season 3: Fan Theory Predicts How Otis Will Finally Confess His Feelings For Maeve

11 February 2020, 17:17

Otis and Maeve are returning to our screens
Otis and Maeve are returning to our screens. Picture: Netflix

A Sex Education fan has come up with a theory following Otis and Maeve's romance in the run-up to season three.

Sex Education has confirmed the Netflix show will be returning for season three and one fan is so excited, he's devised a theory about the new instalment.

After the second season ended on such a cliffhanger, it’s no surprise viewers are already wondering which way things will be headed for good friends, Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey).

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So, here’s the latest theory for you to explore and brace yourselves for some serious spoilers for season two…

Just to catch up, the last we saw was Otis giving a very embarrassing speech at a party, where he criticised his ex-girlfriend, Ola and his close pal, Maeve.

If that wasn’t enough for him to regret the following day, he also drunkenly lost his virginity to Ruby - which he doesn’t entirely remember.

He then apologies to Maeve in a voicemail, which then gets deleted by her new friend, Isaac.

While this is all going on, Eric and Adam pursued a relationship after admitting their feelings for each other.

The producers have left a lot to the imagination as to what could happen next, but one fan theory makes a lot of sense - or at least, we want it to!

Tweeting the idea, the fan - Brad - wrote: “To me, I think it will start with Maeve and Isaac with the omelette and she’ll head back to her caravan. Isaac will go to tell Maeve Otis was there but he will hesitate and won’t talk. She will get back to the caravan and go to sleep.

“The next day at school Otis will be wondering why Maeve isn’t talking to him and he’ll be like sorry about the message and she’ll be like what message. Otis will be like the one where I said I love you. Maeve will be like ‘what’ and that’s when he repeats what he said."

Fans want the pair to get together
Fans want the pair to get together. Picture: Netflix

He continued: "She’ll wonder why she didn’t get the message all day and realise she left her phone with Isaac. She will confront Isaac about it in which he denies. She will get so mad that she leaves the park and goes to Otis’ house. Otis will open the door socked with Maeve on the verge of tears.

“They’ll go to his room where she rants about how Isaac deleted it. In the middle of her crying and talking to Otis, Otis will kiss her and they’ll make out. Jean will go into Otis’ room to find Maeve sleeping over and let them be. (This is all within an episode and a half).”

It definitely seems a bit too easy and too good to be true for the first episode back after a whirlwind two seasons, but it's definitely some food for thought!

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