RuPaul Is Starring In A New Netflix Sitcom AJ And The Queen

21 November 2019, 11:08 | Updated: 21 November 2019, 11:15

RuPaul is making his sitcom debut in Netflix's new series, AJ and the Queen.

RuPaul is the star of a new Netflix sitcom, AJ and the Queen, in which he stars as Robert Lee, a drag queen named Ruby Red who has aspirations of making her passion for drag a career.

Ruby dreams of opening her own drag club, but her hopes are quashed when she's scammed by a conman, played by Josh Segarra, and his accomplice, Lady Danger, played by Tia Carrere.

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The drag star hopeful has no choice but to go on a cross-country roadshow to remake the money, but during her venture she picks up a recently-orphaned, 10-year-old kid named AJ off the street, who stows away in her RV.

Ruby steps up as AJ’s surrogate parent, taking her on the road with her as she performs across the country.

RuPaul plays Ruby Red in a new Netflix sitcom
RuPaul plays Ruby Red in a new Netflix sitcom. Picture: Netflix

The description of the show explains: “This fun, outrageous series explores ideas of family, friendship, love, and loss.

“Together they help each other navigate the heartbreaking past, the challenging present and a hopeful future as Ruby and AJ travel the USA searching for a little happiness and the very best breakfast waffle.”

If that’s not enough to grip you, each episode features a performance from RuPaul and plenty of glitz and drag glamour you’d expect from the RuPaul’s Drag Race host.

In the official poster, RuPaul can be seen donning a vibrant red wig and shimmering dress covered in gold, black, and silver tassels.

RuPaul's new series hits Netflix on 10 January
RuPaul's new series hits Netflix on 10 January. Picture: Netflix
AJ and the Queen
AJ and the Queen. Picture: Netflix

With the country road stretched out behind them, Ru holds the hand of AJ, who is dressed in a white vest top, baggy jeans, chunky boots, and a grey beanie hat.

Netflix shared a trailer of the new show on Wednesday, showing RuPaul as Ruby Red in an array of gorgeous outfits before she takes to the stage greeted by hundreds of cheers and camera flashes.

The show has been created by Michael Patrick King, producer of Sex and the City, and also stars Michael-Leon Wooley and Katerina Tannenbaum.

AJ and the Queen will premiere on 10 January on Netflix.

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