Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Wants Zac Efron To Play Him In Tiger King Movie

9 April 2020, 14:51 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 22:51

Tiger King is 'in talks' for a film remake
Tiger King is 'in talks' for a film remake. Picture: PA

Netflix’s Tiger King is rumoured to be turned into a movie and Joe Exotic’s husband Dillon Passage has already got his eyes on Zac Efron playing his role.

Netflix's docu-series Tiger King is in talks of being made into a film spin-off after the show about the infamous Tiger breeder Joe Exotic became a massive hit.

Speaking to People, Joe’s husband Dillon Passage was asked about who he thinks should play him in the movie, when he instantly replied, saying: "Zac Efron.”

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“I get this question a lot,” he added.

24-year-old Dillon, who married Joe in 2017, had given it some thought and went on to explain why the High School Musical heartthrob would be the perfect fit.

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Dillon said: "Blue eyes, dark hair…good looking. What else can I say?”

He then went on to tease the potential spin-off of the documentary, adding: "I’m not sure if I can speak about it publicly, but there is something in the works, so stay tuned.”

Earlier this week a tabloid exclusively revealed the Netflix show is 'in talks’ for a movie with 20th Century Fox, with Orlando Bloom reportedly their first choice for the role of Joe.

An insider said: "All filming is on lockdown at the moment but the studios are exploring projects they can get going on as soon as possible and they think Tiger King is the perfect story.

Dillon Passage has been married to Joe Exotic for three years
Dillon Passage has been married to Joe Exotic for three years. Picture: Twitter

They added: "The popularity of the series has been unprecedented and they think a film about it could be even more dramatic.

“Discussions about a movie have only just started but they believe the idea has legs, especially if they get a big star like Orlando on board. They think he could really bring Joe to life on screen.”

However, Joe, who is serving 22 years in prison, has his own ideas about who he wants to portray him in the film.

Tiger King directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaikin allegedly recently spoken to him in prison, where he said he thought Brad Pitt would be the most suitable option.

His ex-husband John Finlay also revealed who he would want to play him in a remake, saying: “Either Shia LaBeouf or Channing Tatum.”

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