WATCH: Netflix's Dating Around Features History's Most Awkward Date As Cultures Clash

19 February 2019, 11:43

Fans cannot get over how awkward things got during a date on Netflix's new series, Dating Around.

Netflix recently debuted their new Original Series, Dating Around, which sees one person go on five consecutive dates; to find out who their ideal partner is.

However, some fans are still wincing after cultures clashed during Gurki's blind date.

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Gurki's date questioned how he could ever trust her, after he began to say that "you're letting pieces of yourself go" when you enter a relationship.

When Gurki questioned it, he began to pick at her previous relationships; arguing why she had already been divorced, and quizzed Gurki on why she agreed to marry a man despite having doubts.

"You ruined eight years of your life," he said. "You lied to him and yourself". After he questioned how anyone could ever trust her, he walked off, leaving Gurki alone on her date.

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Viewers of the series were quick to criticise her blind date, saying he was horrible, and that they assumed he always perceived himself as correct.