Bridgerton Series 2 To Have More Sex Scenes As Author Tells Show To 'Deviate From Books'

9 February 2021, 13:00

Bridgerton's next series could have even more raunchy scenes
Bridgerton's next series could have even more raunchy scenes. Picture: Bridgerton/Netflix

Bridgerton's second series could have more NSFW scenes as the author urges the Netflix series to deviate from the book's plot to make audiences happy!

Bridgerton raunchy nature isn't going anywhere and may even ramp up further, if that's even possible, in its upcoming second series as the book's author encourages the Netflix show to deviate from the original plot and keep Daphne and the Duke in it.

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Julia Quinn, who penned the raunchy Regency book series is also a consultant on the Netflix show that has shot to success and become the streaming sites most-viewed series to date.

As we all know, series 1 focussed on Daphne Bridgerton and her complicated love affair with The Duke of Hastings and didn't hold back one bit from showing their very raunchy relationship.

However, the second series, like the novel, is set to focus on Anthony Bridgerton- leaving many wondering if the NSFW nature of the show will be toned down with their lesser roles?

When asked if Daphne and the Duke will make a return in series two, Julia said:

"I hope so. They do show up in the book."

"The series doesn't follow the book word for word - and I don't think [it] should."

"The story of each book plays out in a season, but it's not the only story."

"So I hope so, for no other reason than Daphne has the right to interfere with Anthony's life. To deny her that chance would be criminal. I think it would be lovely to see."

Obviously, Anthony is definitely not shy of his own NSFW love stories, so we're confident one of the audiences favourite parts of the shows won't be going anywhere!

Julia added: "I haven't seen the scripts yet so I don't necessarily know what they're going to do, but I did write the story so I know a little bit about it."

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