Bling Empire Confirmed For Series 2 By Netflix

12 March 2021, 09:44

Netflix confirms Bling Empire returning for series 2
Netflix confirms Bling Empire returning for series 2. Picture: Netflix Bling Empire

Bling Empire has been confirmed to get a second series by Netflix after the completely extra cast have won everyone over with their glam, romance and drama.

Bling Empire is officially getting a series 2, Netflix has confirmed, after a hugely successful first season, and all of our reality TV dreams have come true as people turn their sights to its release date.

This news comes as the streaming site confirms Selling Sunset is getting both a fourth and fifth series, in a truly triumphant day for the reality shows that have been getting us through lockdown!

Selling Sunset Seasons 4 And 5 Confirmed By Netflix

Bling Empire Cast: Where Are They Now (2021) | Netflix

If you haven't yet discovered the diamond-encrusted, designer dripped drama of the show based around a community of super wealthy Asian and Asian American socialites in LA.

They spend tons of money on parties, clothes and spend their time gossiping and getting into reality-gold worthy cat fights.

So, basically, it's TV gold.

Knowing a second series is coming has us super excited, but as we only got series 1 in January 2021, it's definitely looking like a while before we get another...

When will Bling Empire series 2 be released?

Bling Empire series 1 was put on Netflix in January 2021 and quickly became a top trending show thanks to it's high drama and multimillion dollar escapism we all so desperately need during lockdown.

So popular was the likes of Kevin Kreider, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim and Kelly Mi Li the streaming site has confirmed only two months later they are renewing the reality series.

However, there is not yet any word on whether they have filmed it or not- some shows film multiple seasons at a time, but as this was the first 'test' series, it is unlikely they have the second in the bag already.

We probably shouldn't get our hopes up for the follow up season for quite some time yet- it could even be January 2022!

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