Amanza Selling Sunset: Get To Know The Newest Cast Member Of The Netflix Series

3 June 2020, 11:00 | Updated: 14 August 2020, 10:15

Amanza joined Selling Sunset season two
Amanza joined Selling Sunset season two. Picture: Amanza Smith/Instagram / Netflix

Amanza Smith was a new cast addition in Selling Sunset season two.

Selling Sunset season two took over our lives when it hit Netflix and fans are keen to know more about new cast member Amanza Smith, who is best friends friends with co-star Mary Fitzgerald.

Amanza has two children and details the breakdown of her relationship with her ex husband in a few episodes of Selling Sunset, but all the while remains committed to learning about her new job in the property industry.

Selling Sunset Cast On Instagram And Why It’s Essential You Follow Them

In the meantime, Amanza has gained thousands of followers on Instagram, where she typically posts photos of her glamorous lifestyle as well as the home’s she’s decorated as part of her interior design business.

Get to know Selling Sunset star Amanza here…

How old is Amanza Smith?

Selling Sunset’s Amanza is 43 years old and has two children; Braker, eight, and Noah, 10.

Who is Amanza Smith’s ex-husband?

Amanza’s ex husband is former NFL player Ralph Brown who previously played for New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings. They married in 2010 in Indianapolis in a huge country mansion.

The reality star has been a single mother since her children were one and two years old, telling Selling Sunset viewers she had to take on numerous jobs to make ends meet and how The Oppenheim Group founder and her good friend Jason co-signed for an apartment when she got divorced.

Amanza was bridesmaid at Mary Fitzgerald's wedding
Amanza was bridesmaid at Mary Fitzgerald's wedding. Picture: Netflix

Amanza Smith’s job was as an interior designer before Selling Sunset

The mum of two explains during her introduction to Selling Sunset her love of interior design started as a youngster.

She said: “It’s a natural talent that I’ve always had, and it came from growing up really poor.

“I lived in a trailer. I would get, like, one can of paint a year, and I would paint everything in my room, from the bunk beds to the dresser to the accessories. I got really creative. I became a DIY master at a very young age.”

Amanza went on to stage some of the homes listed by The Oppenheim Group and decided to learn more about real estate to boost her income.

Does Amanza Smith have Instagram?

Amanza has thousands of Instagram followers
Amanza has thousands of Instagram followers. Picture: Amanza Smith/Instagram

You can follow Amanza on Instagram @amanzasmith, where she has over 93,000 followers.

When did Amanza Smith join Selling Sunset?

Amanza joined Selling Sunset for season two, which was filmed in the summer of 2019, most likely around July and August as it details the beginnings of Heather Rae Young’s relationship with Tarek El Moussa which began over the Fourth of July weekend.

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