New Horror Movie 'M3GAN' Is Trending And It's Terrifying

13 October 2022, 12:28 | Updated: 13 October 2022, 12:30

Everyone is already terrified of 'M3GAN'
Everyone is already terrified of 'M3GAN'. Picture: Blumhouse Productions

By Savannah Roberts

Everyone has been reacting to the upcoming horror M3GAN as the trailer goes viral! Here are the best Twitter reactions and the lowdown on the creepy film...

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A new horror film has taken the internet by storm, everyone has been talking about M3GAN since it's trailer dropped on October 11.

M3GAN is the latest scary flick from Blumhouse Productions, a company behind the likes of Get Out, The Purge,. Paranormal Activity and more – so you just know that it's going to be terrifying.

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The trailer has sparked a wave of reactions online, with Twitter users expressing everything from excitement to horror to bemusement after watching the bizarre video.

The M3GAN trailer is going viral
The M3GAN trailer is going viral. Picture: Blumhouse Productions

M3GAN is a lifelike doll created by a roboticist, who works for a toy company, in order to comfort her newly orphaned niece, the android is – you guessed it – the titular character named Megan. However, the robot soon becomes violent and indulges in some pretty creepy behaviour.

The scary flick will arrive in theatres on January 13, which also just so happens to be a Friday! M3GAN boasts quite an impressive cast, with seasoned horror actress Allison Williams who you may recognise from the aforementioned Jordan Peele movie, Get Out.

The droid is voiced by Jenna Davis, a young actress who has experience going viral! Jenna is known for her viral “Penny Nickel Dime” meme.

Violet McGraw plays the orphaned girl, the 11-year-old actress is best known for roles in The Haunting of Hill House franchise.

Although the upcoming thriller looks haunting, Twitter users haven't been able to stop themselves from seeing the funny side too.

One user posted the viral clip from the trailer that shows M3GAN dancing: "She’s an icon. she’s a legend, and she is the MOMENT!!"

Many horror fans quickly likened the creepy droid to that of Annabelle and Chucky, both chilling dolls from their own self-titled films.

Another tweet read: "CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS. Annabelle and Chucky found gagging [sic]."

The official Twitter account of the Chucky franchise even weighed into the viral sensation, responding with the tweet: "Everybody's tryna be me [sic]."

Whether you're horrified, mystified or entertained, looks like we're all looking forward to M3GAN's release date.

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