'Love, Lizzo' Documentary Release Date & How To Watch In The UK

16 November 2022, 15:19

By Kathryn Knight

Lizzo fans are about to gain a closer look at the pop star.

Lizzo has given a candid look at her rise to fame in her new documentary Love, Lizzo, telling fans in the trailer's intro: "Y'all have no idea how close I was to this not being a thing."

The documentary includes footage of Lizzo as a child as she explains where her passion for singing and songwriting came from as well as showing what her life is like once she's off stage.

The pop star has cemented herself as a household name thanks to a string of No.1 singles and by simply being herself.

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Along the way she's released four studio albums, won three GRAMMY Awards, fronted a talent show of her own, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, and become besties with actual Harry Styles.

Fans in the UK will be eager to know how they can watch Love, Lizzo over here, but when is it coming out and what else do we know about the documentary? Here are all the details you need...

Lizzo has become an international superstar
Lizzo has become an international superstar. Picture: Alamy
Lizzo has achieved global super stardom by being herself
Lizzo has achieved global super stardom by being herself. Picture: Getty

When is Love, Lizzo coming out?

Lizzo's documentary is coming out on 24th November on HBO Max.

You have to be signed up to the streaming service to be able to watch the documentary, however, the situation is different if you're in the UK. More on that below!

How to watch Love, Lizzo in the UK

For UK viewers looking to watch Love, Lizzo, it's likely to be broadcast on Sky, who broadcast a lot of HBO's TV shows.

You might also be able to access it on NOW, who also stream some HBO shows.

We'll update this page with more information on how to watch in the UK once the documentary drops.

Lizzo is giving fans a candid look at her life behind the scenes
Lizzo is giving fans a candid look at her life behind the scenes. Picture: Alamy

Watch the trailer for Love, Lizzo

You can watch the trailer for Love, Lizzo at the top of this page! In the sneak-peek at the doc she tells the camera: "It took so much to get to where I'm at today, but I found my voice. Now, when people see me on stage they see themselves.

"Music gave me the opportunity to be who I really am," she adds.

Viewers will get to see some of Lizzo's biggest performances as well as some candid moments of her reflecting on her life so far and the experiences that have shaped her.

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