Love Island Twins’ Eyelash Hack Baffles Viewers As Eve Blow Dries Her Lashes

17 January 2020, 11:22

Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale have a trick for drying their lashes
Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale have a trick for drying their lashes. Picture: ITV

One of the Love Island twins had fans confused over which part of her face she was blow-drying on Thursday night’s episode.

Love Island twins Eve and Jess have been a hot talking point ever since they entered the villa, mainly because viewers are struggling to tell them apart – something we worked out what to look for.

But on Thursday night’s episode, it was one of the girls’ blow-drying techniques which had viewers discussing on Twitter after Eve was spotted blow-drying her eyelashes as the girls got ready for the evening.

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At first, many thought it was her lips she was drying but it soon emerged it was her voluminous lashes that needed the breeze.

It looked like one of the girls was drying her lips
It looked like one of the girls was drying her lips. Picture: ITV

When Dani Dyer did the same thing on Love Island in 2018, fans were equally as baffled but it’s clearly an effective way to dry off false lashes after a shower.

Nevertheless, viewers had some hilarious reactions on social media, with many assuming it was her mouth the dryer was aimed at.

“Pls tell me why one of the twins was drying her teeth?” One person quizzed, as another tweeted: “I can’t be the only one bothered by one of the twins blow drying her mouth with a hair dryer.”

“Did anyone see one of the twins hair drying her lips?????? that is not part of my makeup routine someone explain,” asked one viewer.

“Was she just blow-drying her lip filler?” Added another confused fan.

Viewers are still struggling to tell Eve and sister Jess apart, but there are a few details to look out for when the girls are on screen, one being who they’re coupled up with.

On their first day in the villa, Eve picked Callum Jones to couple up with while her sister chose policeman Mike Boateng.

However, this is all likely to change in the next re-coupling as Mike has been talking about how much he likes former partner Leanne Amaning and Callum is re-thinking his feelings for Shaughna Phillips.

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