Tommy Fury ‘Will Try It With Lucie Donlan Again’ – Predicts Kem Cetinay On Love Island: The Morning After Podcast

11 June 2019, 15:32 | Updated: 11 June 2019, 16:03

Kem Cetinay predicted Tommy Fury will turn his attentions back to Lucie Donlan
Kem Cetinay predicted Tommy Fury will turn his attentions back to Lucie Donlan. Picture: ITV2

Lucie Donlan coupled up with Joe Garratt after deliberating between him and Tommy Fury for a week, but could things change once again?

Love Island 2019 has only been on for one week and we’ve already witnessed two love triangles, with the first being between Lucie Donlan, Joe Garratt and Tommy Fury and the second between Molly Mae Hague, Tommy Fury and Danny Williams.

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Currently, Lucie is coupled up with Joe and Mollie is coupled up with Tommy, but after new arrival Danny joined the Islanders Mollie is beginning to have doubts about the boxer.

It looks like Mollie Mae will choose Danny Williams over Tommy Fury
It looks like Mollie Mae will choose Danny Williams over Tommy Fury. Picture: ITV2

If Mollie does choose Danny over Tommy, that’ll leave him single once again and Love Island: The Morning After Podcast host Kem Cetinay has predicted this will lead Tommy vying for Lucie’s attention once again.

During Tuesday morning’s podcast Kem predicted Tommy will “kick off” if Molly picks Danny.

He said: “I think she could go with Danny and Tommy’s going to kick off. Or, Tommy is going to try it with Lucy again. We don’t know if we’re right or not but let me just say one thing, at one point in the show we thought he was brushing her leg.”

On an episode of Love Island the week before, Tommy and Lucie looked very comfortable in each other’s company as they chatted on one of the beds, and their closeness led fans to believe Lucie would pick him to couple up with. However, just a few days later she picked sandwich maker Joe.

Kem added: “Let’s draw a line under it, we think Danny and Molly Mae are going to be a thing.”

During the podcast chat, the presenters were also joined by Callum MacLeod after he was dumped from the villa over the weekend. In the candid chat, Callum revealed he shipped Amber Gill and Michael as a couple on the first day.

He said: “Me and Yewande clocked Michael and Amber first day. We were chatting and we said, ‘me and Amber had nothing going on, she and Michael have nothing going on’ so we said 'let’s just swap'.”

Kem agreed, adding: “They look like the perfect match. Amber deep down I think she’s a little bit insecure and she needs to just open up a little bit.”

Callum also pointed out Michael is the only one in the villa with a strong enough character to “crack Amber’s shell”, describing him as “the alpha male of the villa”.

That wasn’t the only secret Callum shared from the villa, responding to fans’ queries over why he kept wearing sunglasses at night time with: “I actually had really bad hay fever and I kept rubbing my eyes all the time, so that would stop me from rubbing my eyes.”

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