Love Island Fans Spot 'Random Man' Swimming In The Villa Pool

16 July 2018, 10:38

Love Island fans thought they'd spotted an intruder in the pool behind Georgia, but there may be another answer as to who the mystery man is!

Whilst watching Love Island, you're likely to see several things - whether that's proof that Jack did kiss Georgia, or Wes and Megan's budding romance blossoming, you can be sure there's some daily drama to be had.

Well today's drama comes in the shape of a random guy which Love Island viewers have spotted swimming in the pool in a recent clip from the show. Who is this guy and why is no one paying attention to him?

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One fan took to Twitter to share a clip of the intruder, which you can watch above, asking the question, 'Why is there a random man in the Love Island pool?'. They weren't the only ones who were concerned about the mystery man either...

Some viewers believed they'd found the answer as to who the mystery man was claiming it's actually Charlie, who had been swimming with Alex in the pool beforehand.

Others hilariously claimed Love Island had opened up the doors to the villa and invited some new guests in...

We're pretty sure that it was just Charlie, but we're happy to let the conspiracy rumble on!

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