Love Island Producers ‘Encouraged’ Twins Jess And Eve To Go For Callum Jones And Mike Boateng

22 January 2020, 16:10

Love Island twin Eve revealed she and her sister Jess were encouraged by ITV2 producers to go after Callum Jones and Mike Boateng.

On their first day in the Love Island villa, twins Eve and Jess Gale poached scaffolder Callum Jones and policeman Mike Boateng from their settled couplings with Shaughna Phillips and Leanne Amaning.

The decision of course angered Shaughna and Leanne, but as it was the sisters’ first day in the villa they left the twins to get to know their partners.

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Shaughna and Callum and Leanne and Mike were the first of the couples to quickly grow close, leading some Love Island fans to question whether they picked the most comfortable pairings in order to ruffle some feathers, something which Eve addressed after she left the villa.

Jess chose Mike Boateng to couple up with, nabbing him off of Leanne Amaning
Jess chose Mike Boateng to couple up with, nabbing him off of Leanne Amaning. Picture: ITV2

Questioned whether they were encouraged to pick the most settled couplings to disrupt, Eve said producers urged them to get to know the guys they were most interested in.

Eve told us: “They talk to you in the beginning and see how you’re feeling and then they kind of advise you from that.

“If you’re feeling a bit shy, they encourage you to just go for it and bring out more confidence. If you’re not sure about picking someone they’ll encourage you.”

The 20-year-old also revealed there are parts of the villa the cameras might not be poised to capture, including corridors, hallways and corners tucked out of view.

Eve Gale was briefly coupled up with Callum Jones
Eve Gale was briefly coupled up with Callum Jones. Picture: ITV2

The secret locations would make it perfect for islanders to have private chats, but their gossip would still likely be picked up over audio.

Eve spilled: “There’s literally cameras everywhere, everywhere you look there’s cameras above your head - you’re always on screen but I would easily get lost in there.

“There’s lots of corridors you don’t see, it’s really big, so there’s hallways, corridors, little corners, which I think you could definitely go in but they’d still film you!”

This year’s South African villa is huge, and a vast difference from the typical Mallorca house we see every summer.

Despite the impressive size, Eve revealed there are only two showers throughout the whole villa, making getting ready at the same time extremely difficult for all of the contestants.

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