Love Island Fans Brand Natalia Zoppa 'Fake' As She’s Accused Of ‘Using’ Luke M For A Ticket Into The Main Villa

10 February 2020, 11:01

Love Island’s new arrival from Casa Amor, Natalia Zoppa, lost the support of the public after admitting she isn’t attracted to Luke M.

Luke M brought Natalia Zoppa back from Casa Amor after his fling with Jess Gale fizzled out, walking back into the main Love Island villa with a huge smile on his face as Natalia held his hand.

But the Justin Bieber lookalike’s happiness was not to last after Natalia confessed through guilty tears she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to him, leaving him to sleep to the sofa after their awkward conversation.

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Following their chat where they decided to go their separate ways, viewers rushed to Twitter to brand Natalia a fraud, accusing her of faking her feelings for the 24-year-old.

Natalia Zoppa called things off with Luke M
Natalia Zoppa called things off with Luke M. Picture: ITV2
Natalia Zoppa was accused of faking her tears over Luke M
Natalia Zoppa was accused of faking her tears over Luke M. Picture: ITV2

“Is Natalia mad? You used Luke M as an entry into the villa and now you wanna be rude to him? At least be his friend?” One person tweeted, as another said: “My girl Natalia faked her feelings so she can get a free ticket to the villa, how many more times is this guy gonna get played?”

Making use of one hilarious Bieber reference, another viewer said: “Natalia doesn’t deserve Luke M, firstly she is a user and secondly my momma don’t like you and she likes everyone.”

“Natalia could at least try and make her performance convincing smh, not even pretending to like him.”

Luke M then had fans in hysterics as he called his ex partner “a villain” when she said she felt bad for taking the bed off of him.

The pep talk he received from Siannise Fudge and Luke M soon perked him up though, as she insisted he shouldn’t be second-guessing his approaches and claimed Natalia simply used him “as her ticket” into the main villa.

The dumped Casa Amor contestants, Jade Affleck and Jamie McCann, even accused the 20-year-old of putting on a front.

After leaving the ITV2 show, Jade said: “I definitely think Natalia's playing a game. If Luke M asked you to cuddle him, you'd cuddle him wouldn't you?”

Jamie agreed: “I don't think Natalia really likes Luke M. She did say she takes time to get to know people.

“But I think he was really, really trying with her and I don't know if she was giving as much back. But it's really hard to tell. You hope people wouldn't play games.'

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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