Viewers Turn On 'National Treasure' Nas As Demi Begs He Doesn't Bring Back Eva From Casa Amor

6 February 2020, 14:32

Viewers turn on Nas as it looksl like he'll dump Demi for Eva
Viewers turn on Nas as it looksl like he'll dump Demi for Eva. Picture: ITV/Love Island

Nas's head has been well and truly turned in Casa Amor, and Love Island viewers are turning on him as Demi pines for him and stays loyal back in the main villa.

Love Island viewers are turning on this series' 'nice guy', Nas Majeed, as he pursues Casa Amor bombshell Eva Zapico, forgetting Demi Jones- who has been left pining for him in the main villa, begging he doesn't bring anyone back with him!

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ITV2 has released the first look of the dreaded recouping from Casa Amor which takes place Thursday night's episode, with islanders receiving the news and becoming filled with anxiety, each for very different reasons!

Nas and Callum aren't looking forward to having to make some very difficult decisions and hurting their current couples back in the main villa, with Nas saying: "This is going to be a very, very fiery one."

Callum agrees, saying: "Yeah, everyone's gonna hate me when I get back"

Demi is then stressing out in the beach hut about the idea of Nas bringing someone back, saying: "Oh my god, please don't bring another girl back."

Nas, who had been unlucky in love the first fortnight of the show, had everyone rooting for him when Demi entered the villa, but his head was very quickly turned in Casa Amor by Eva, U-turning and admitting he doesn't think Demi is 'his type.'

One user summed up people's confusion well, writing: "Nas complimented EVERYTHING about Demi on her first day, even down to her red blood cells, now she’s not his type" and another saying, "I feel like this Nas recoupling will be so out of the blue for [Demi]... he was so into her??"

It's always guaranteed to be the tensest episode of the whole series, and it's finally time to see where people's loyalties lie, and Demi, we've got your back girl!

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